YTS strongly condemns Houthi militia crimes targeting schools and students in the 1st day of school education in Taiz south-west Yemen

                            The Yemeni Teachers Syndicate ( YTS ) in Taiz city condemns in a statement with the strongest terms the violent shelling of residential neighborhoods with dozens of heavy artillery shells and tank shells by the Houthi militia on the first day of school education.

The YTS calls on the legitimate government and the Arab coalition countries, led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to take active action with the international community not only to condemn this crime and the ongoing crimes of these militias against this peaceful city, but to stop such crimes that affect lives of  civilians.

            The YTS statement added, “ We call on the United Nations and its special envoy to Yemen to hold their responsibilities in protecting civilians who are exposed to the hellfire of the Houthi coup militia as well as its siege of Taiz city for the sixth year in a row without the conscience  of the United Nations with its international organizations concerned with human rights and international humanitarian law.

In addition to the silence of the international community ,due to the ongoing paralysis of  Security Council, which is supposed to take all necessary measures to implement international resolutions on Yemen, including Resolution 2216, in a manner that guarantees the return of legitimate state institutions to work, ending the coup, disarming Houthi coup militia and implementing International resolutions on those who committed war crimes in the Republic of Yemen and they were identified in UN Resolutions by name.

                    The Yemeni Teachers Syndicate, in Taiz province, condemns the bombing Taiz city this morning with dozens of different shells by the Houthi coup militias, many of which fall next to educational institutions on the first school education day targeting students in their classes resulting in some killed and injured  and schools building destruction.

                         The YTS also condemns teachers killing, torture to death, the destruction of homes, the teachers forced displacement and their families, which were committed by Houthi militia.  

             It is noted that, tomorrow  is the 5th of October  (World Teachers’ Day), we call on the International Federation of Teachers, the International Union of Teachers, the Arab Teachers Union, the Islamic Union of Teachers and all organizations concerned with human rights and organizations working in the field of education, such as: UNESCO and UNICEF, to work together on all levels  to protect teachers, students, and the educational process in general, opening roads and lifting the unjust siege imposed on Taiz city.

.Issued by the Yemeni Teachers Syndicate ( YTS ) in Taiz Province

.Sunday – 04/10/2020

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