Today, at 08:00 PM, an international and media campaign to release the Yemeni prisoners for fear of COVID19


Mohammed Al-Rumim – ACJ


Yemeni activists announced the launch of a massive electronic campaign to save all prisoners and detainees in Yemeni prisons, in anticipation of Corona-virus epidemic that is spreading most of the world countries.

The campaign, which will start at eight PM today Tuesday, and continues for three days, calls for urgent action to pressure all parties concerned in Yemen to release all detainees, and to move urgent humanitarian initiatives in this regard, before it is too late, under the hashtag of :

 (#انقذواسجناءاليمن)  ) #SaveYemenPrisoners ).

The campaign coordinator, and the deputy manager of The American Center for Justice ( ACJ ) Latifa Jamel, said that “ The campaign aims to put pressure on all Yemeni parties to release all detainees in light of the tragic conditions that Yemeni prisons suffer from and their lack of the minimum appropriate health and humanitarian conditions, which does not only threaten the lives of detainees, but create a dangerous focus for the Corona-virus spreading beyond the walls of these prisons.

She called on all activists and various media outlets to participate actively in this campaign, out of responsibility for this great humanitarian issue.

Several human rights and humanitarian organizations locally and internationally participate in the campaign to demand saving the prisoners and detainees before the outbreak of the Coruna epidemic.


08:00 PM in Yemen = 06:00 PM in London.

08:00 PM in Yemen = 01:00 PM in New York.

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