The Yemeni activist Samira Al-Houri discloses Houthi crimes against Yemeni abducted women in jails



Samira Al-Houri, a Yemeni human rights activist, graduated of political science and works in the humanitarian field specifically as CEO of the White Hands team in Sana’a central Yemen.

She said, that “ Once at night, I was attacked  my apartment located Al-Ansi Towers, Faj Attan, apartment 48, 12th floor, by the houthi National Security and Political Security that she was subjected for secret investigation lasted for eight hours taking her phones and her own documents completely.”

She added, ” Houthi armed men asked me for cooperating with them or imprisoning in soliciting politicians and activists, then I was released and after that they remained on top and continued tightening for two weeks and asked me for things that are inhumane or immoral and when I felt that I did not respond to their pressures”.

She explained that, “More investigation, through which all kinds of psychological and physical pressures include fatigue, exhaustion, anxiety and intimidation, and after that I was taken to an unknown place, and a number of girls were shackled, eyes closed.”

Al-Houri pointed out that, “I was put in a small room, not exceeding one meter, and I was locked in it for a period of three months where I saw no light except for a few minutes a day, I was beaten, electrocuted, and my hair was cut, 

She described what happened to her, “ My comment about peace for long hours, and interrogating me for hours exceeding 12 hours per day, and I am prevented from sitting or eating food and pressuring me by filming videos in which I confess to spying and accused of spying charges, falsely.”

She narrated, “ During the three months we were exposed to what is not expected of beating and starvation by the so-called zainabiyat and interrogators, forcing us to  clean toilets and cook for a kidnapped child and cooking for security and zainabiyat during our detention.

We have witnessed many violations committed against some women prisoners who have been kidnapped together and tortured in front of their children who did not more than six and four years as prisoners were tortured by electricity while pregnant without the slightest sense of humanity.

She concluded that, “ There were some abducted women in Houthi jails exposed to sexual harassments and torture for their opinions and opposing their ideology and way of ruling the state.”

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