The Human Rights Office in Taiz condemns Houthi shelling Al-Amal Cancer Hospital, describing it as a war crime in Taiz city south-west Yemen

The Human Rights Office in Taiz governorate condemned Houthi militia shelling the populated neighborhoods in Taiz this morning, Saturday, and targeting Al-Amal Cancer Hospital, located in the middle of Taiz city.

According to the initial injury of the Hospital, two hospital employees were injured, namely / Gharib Muhammad Farea, the financial director of the hospital, and Abd al-Hakim Aqlan, the hospital’s relations officer, while the shelling caused terror and fear of dozens of patients and people in the hospital, and the building suffered material losses, according to the incident monitoring team.

 According to the Human Rights Office, at least two artillery shells, then, many anti-aircraft gunshots that hit the hospital, confirming that the hospital was a target of the deliberate and clear Houthi shelling of a well-known hospital and a clear landmark in the city, and it is the only health institution concerned with treating cancer tumors, especially children.

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