The Houthi Group Targets a Children’s Playground with a Missile in Marib, Leading to Death and Injuries

The Houthi group targeted a children’s playground located in al- Rawdha residential area in the city of Marib where a group of children were playing. According to a raw statistics obtained by American Center for Justice (ACJ), a child was killed while four others were seriously wounded and taken to ICU.

The city of Marib, where two million internal displaced people currently live, has witnessed sustained bombardment launched by the Houthi group without taking into account the protection of the civilian population.

The American Center for Justice (ACJ) has obtained the photos of the victims as well as their names and these victims are:

1. Hassan Muamar Mohammed Shai’e ( 5 years old )

2. Saif Ali Mohammed Ahmed Ayash (12 years old)

3. Hussain Mohammed Naser Al-Haddad (10 years old)

4. Abdulsalam Saleh Al-Haddad

5. Muadh Mohammed Naji al-Bada’ani (21 years old)

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