The deputy head of ACJ demands for speedy release of the arbitrarily detained and forcibly disappeared individuals in Yemen

ACJ – Yemen


The deputy head of the American Center for Justice-ACJ Latifa Jamel urged warring parties in Yemen represented by Yemen’s legitimate government and the Houthi movement to speed up the implementation of the deal for the release of all detainees and forcibly disappeared individuals while they are meeting for another round of negotiation.

Jamel pointed out that the cases of arbitrary detention and forced disappearance are humanitarian issues which are non-negotiable and must not be linked to the already stalled political process since liberty is an inherent right to all human beings and no one should be held in detention without legal justification.

She also emphasized that The American Center for Justice called Houthi rebels for speedy release of female detainees.

Jamel added that all the parties to the conflict should be aware of the anguish caused to thousands of families of those detained and forcibly disappeared individuals whose fate remains unknown.

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