The American Center for Justice is Launching an Urgent Appeal to International Community, the United Nations and the United Nations Relief Agencies to Address the Repercussions of the Collapse of the Health System in Conditions of war and the New Wave of Coronavirus

The American Center for Justice (ACJ) expresses its deep concern at the deterioration of health conditions in Yemen as the Corona virus spreads and spreads widely in Yemen & apos cities and countryside, taking the lives of people and leaving behind an unprecedented humanitarian crisis that continues to decimate Yemen to this point. With the consequences of the ongoing war, the conditions of the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, the near-lack of medical resources and the collapse of the health system, obstacles abounded and opportunities for addressing global Covid19 were reduced.

According to several previous statements by the United Nations and the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as by the humanitarian coordinator in Yemen, Lisa Grande, on the reality of the health situation in Yemen and the fact that there is a massive breakdown in its ability to cope with the Corona virus, which threatens the outbreak of a humanitarian catastrophe, as the situation continues without urgent international intervention to save Yemen and the Yemenis from this Tragedy.

The American Center for Justice follows up on these frightening daily statistics and warns that the virus has become a major threat to the lives of the Yemeni people and the “troubled” health system, which is unable to identify, treat, isolate and properly track cases of infection. Unless a local emergency committee is declared with international assistance and sufficient vaccines are sent to 30 million Yemeni people, the tragedy will grow day by day and will not stop at an end.

The Centre launches an urgent appeal calling upon the international community, the United Nations and the United Nations relief agencies to urgently take urgent measures to alleviate the tragedy of the Yemeni people in this great plight.

It also calls on donor countries to fulfil their commitments to Yemen in order to make it easier for those concerned to deal with the Corona pandemic, which is taking Yemeni lives without interruption.

American Center for Justice (ACJ)
April 1-2021

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