The American Center for Justice condemns the killing of “Al-Sanabani” and the assassination of “Salem” in Aden and calls for an international investigation

The American Center for Justice (ACJ) condemns what the Security Belt Forces of the UAE-backed Transitional Council did yesterday, Wednesday 8/9/2012 when they detained the Yemeni youth Abdul-Malik Anwar Ahmed Al-Sanabani during his return from America, as well as looting his positions, liquidating and killing him.

Al-Sanabani’s family informed (ACJ) that their son, Abdul-Malik, the expatriate in America for ten years, was returning on a family visit to his family through Aden Airport. Then he was planning to travel by road to his family, who resides in the Dhamar Governorate in central Yemen.

The family said that they were in constant contact with Abdul-Malik during his trip, before communication with him was cut on Wednesday afternoon, only to be surprised by media outlets and statements by officials in Tor Al-Baha talking about the arrest of their son on charges of belonging to the Houthi group and possession of sums of money.

The family reports that they hastened to travel to Aden to find out the circumstances and the fate of their son, but they were surprised to find his dead body in the morgue of the Republican Hospital in Aden after he had been tortured and killed.

Preliminary information confirms that a military point belonging to the 9th Brigade Saiqa, sector of Tor Al Baha District in Lahj governorate, detained Al-Sanabani and then tied him up, tortured and killed him as signs of torture appeared on his body in addition the marks of three bullets in his back and a fourth in his leg, according to Al-Sanabani’s family.

The Center also condemns the assassination of , the educator/ Salem Ali Salem, founder and director of Iqra National Schools in the city of Aden by unidentified gunmen in Aden on Wednesday evening, 8/9/2021.

Information obtained by ACJ indicates that unidentified gunmen fired two bullets at the victim’s head while he was passing through the residential city of Enma’a, northwest of Aden.

The Executive Director of (ACJ), Lawyer Abdul-rahman Barman, says that what Al-Sanabani and Salem were subjected to are crimes against humanity according to international law and violate human rights guaranteed by all local and international laws and charters, most notably the right to life, freedom of movement and ownership, and therefore cannot be subject to statute of limitations.

“The continuation of extrajudicial killings in areas under the control of the Transitional Council is becoming increasingly brutal amid the silence of the international human rights community and must stop immediately,” the Executive Director of ACJ explains.

Barman stresses the difficulty of taking legal and judicial measures to hold violators accountable in the absence of the judiciary and security institutions, which causes an increase in violations and crimes, threatens the lives of civilians and encourages more violence.

(ACJ) calls on the United Nations to quickly form a special investigation committee into these crimes and work to stop them, deter violators, and bring them to justice and fair redress to the victims and their families.

American Center for Justice (ACJ)

September 9, 2021

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