The American Center for Justice (ACJ) Condemns the Houthis’ Continued Targeting of Civilian Objects in Marib and Taiz

The American Center for Justice (ACJ) is following up the continuous bombardment carried out by the armed Houthi group with ballistic missiles and heavy weapons on civilian populated areas and IDP camps, the most recent of which was the shelling of the house of Abdul Latif bin Nimran al-Qabli, one of the sheikhs of Murad District, Marib Governorate on Thursday evening, and al-Kamb neighborhood east of Taiz city on Saturday.

According to the information obtained by the Center, the Houthi armed group’s shelling of Sheikh al-Qabli’s house with a ballistic missile resulted in killing 13 civilians, including two of his children and wounding others, some of whom are in critical condition, including women and children, and completely demolishing 4 nearby houses.

In Al-Kanab neighborhood in the city of Taiz, 3 children were and they are:

1- Mahmoud Mustafa Abduldaem, 6 years old

2- Hamid Mustafa Abduldaem, 7 years old

3- Laila Mustafa Abduldaem, 8 years old

Their fourth brother, Hamed, 3 years old, was seriously wounded, in addition to the injury of two other civilians.

Eyewitnesses in the Juba district told monitors of (ACJ) that, during the past two days, the Houthis carried out heavy artillery shelling on the village of Al-Amud in Al-Juba District, with more than 20 mortar and Katyusha shells, which caused the injury of dozens of residents, the destruction of movable property as well as the displacement of hundreds of families from their homes and villages which led to a wave of displacement from those areas towards the city of Marib. The displaced suffer harsh conditions with limited means in light of the inability of the local authorities and humanitarian organizations to provide tents, food and basic life requirement.

In this regard, (ACJ) calls on the international community, represented by the United Nations system, to work hard and assume its responsibilities in protecting civilians and civilian objects and put pressure on the Houthi armed group to stop the continuous shelling of civilians and populated areas in the districts and city of Marib and Taiz, which resulted in hundreds of deaths and injuries among civilians and displaced persons.

The American Center for Justice (ACJ) expresses its regret for the laxity on the part of the international community and international human rights organizations towards the violations committed against civilians in Marib, Taiz and all Yemeni governorates, especially the areas witnessing confrontations. It also affirms that impunity and keeping those responsible for grave violations away from accountability badly exacerbates the deterioration of the human rights and humanitarian situation in Yemen and encourages more violence and diminishes the chances of achieving peace.

Issued by American Center for Justice (ACJ)

October 30, 2021

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