The American Center for Justice (ACJ) condemns an appeal division verdict run by Houthis against a child of 16 years.

ACJ – Sana’a



His Elementary Education Certificate
Date of Birth : 2001

The American Center for Justice (ACJ) condemns the decree of the specialized Criminal Appeal Division in Sana’a, under the Houthis control, issued today, Sunday, 50/07/2020.

He who served a 10-year prison sentence for a minor child, Jamil Ali Ali Qomi, (16) years old.

The verdict also said three years under police supervision after the imprisonment period.

The specialized Criminal Court of First Instance in Sana’a, which is under Houthis control, had ruled on 18/09/2018, the execution of Jamil Qomi in one session of some minutes and without the defense lawyer, contrary to the Yemeni law that makes the verdict invalid in great crimes if there is no proper legal representation of the convict. Accordingly, despite the fact that he was only (16) years old when he was alleged to have committed the crime attributed to him by the Houthi group.

The Houthi group claims that the minor, Jamil, was working with the Saudi-led Coalition Support the legitimate government, and was charged with collaborating with a foreign country, Saudi Arabia, by raising the coordinates of the weapons depots and Houthi gathering sites, according to the indictment.

Jamil Qomi was arrested on 27/11/2017 by Houthi gunmen and he was hidden until May 2018 when he was referred to the criminal prosecution and one investigation report was made without a legal defense for him too.

It is noted that, the armed Houthi group that controls the Yemeni capital, Sana’a, and many other governorates north and west of Yemen, kidnapped activists, journalists and opponents of the group, put them in their detention centers, presenting them to trial in the specialized criminal trial under their control despite the issuance of the Supreme Judicial Council’s decision to transfer its competences to the Specialized Criminal Court in Marib Governorate, east of Yemen.

Issued by The American center for Justice ( ACJ )

Sunday, 05/07/2020

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