The Abductee Mohamed Nadeem Tells the Tragic Story of his Detention in Houthis’ Prisons

My name is Mohamed Nadeem Abdul Hakim Mohamed, a graduate of the Faculty of Mass media , Sana’a University I work in Yemen TV.

On 2018/3/5 , Sunday. I was abducted by the Houthi group to an unknown location in a big villa with a lot of guards , In a place called Faj Attan, there were a lot of detainees, I wasn’t alone, Some colleagues were also there from the General People’s Congress party , Al-Islah party and also some traders. I was there for three days with no investigation with me. and I didn’t know why I was arrested. Three days later, I was transferred with a group of detainees at approximately 4 a.m. and empty streets to the national or political security headquarters, on the second day, they charged me with being a mercenary and working with Saudi Arabia, and that I had leaked videos from inside Houthi detainees.

I told them I’d never done anything like that and I strongly denied it, but they soon tortured me and kicked their shoes on all of my body, and I was screaming and swearing that I wasn’t the one, but unfortunately they didn’t believe me and kept on going until I passed out, then they poured cold water on my head, carried me to my cell, which was filled with lots of people, and I was screaming out of pain until two prisoners helped me, took off my shirt, gave me another dirty shirt, because the one I was wearing was full of water, and then they covered me with a heavy cloth, so I could feel warm and my pain goes away !

I slept out of execution, and they always tortured me like this with the rest of the detainees. On the ninth day, one of the people in the detention facility died, and he had been suffering all night from torture, and we were trying to reassure him, and he was telling us that he was going to die….I don’t want to die here… he was echoing with his faint voice, oh God. Oh, God. The situation was difficult, and I was hurting and sharing all his whining until he died. Then a bunch of prisoners knocked on the door to tell the warden that someone had died and that they had to do something about it. And when they opened the door, eight people with sticks in their hands with someone else with an iron dependant in their hand entered the cell.

Two of them stood in front of the door with the gun in their hands, and they started asking us questions in a strong tone and repeating..”Who killed him?” One prisoner who was an old man told them you killed him, and one of them beat the old man in the head and in the shoulders. They left and they didn’t take the body. They left the body with us all night until so they thicken our pain It was simply a psychological war, and on the second day, it was about the time after the Aser prayers two of them came to us holding a quilt that they threw on the ground and told us to wrap the body inside. We carried it out and had nothing but to execute the orders to avoid further torture. We wrapped the body and then they pulled it out and threw it in one of their car.

And one night a friend told me ( I don’t want to mention his name) that he was leaving prison the next day, and I told him how? Whispering low, he said that Abu Yahya would smuggle him out of prison for a sum of money, and my friend told me that I shouldn’t tell anyone until he’s out, and I said, “I promise. “I did that so that my friend wouldn’t get hurt, and then I said, “Why don’t you tell Abu Yahya about me?” And he said to me, “He wouldn’t be upset with me, and he would undo the deal that we had, and I told him, and can I talk to him after you get out?” And he said, “Yes, but in your way, show him what you can offer him,” and I said, “Okay.”

Then I told my friend to inform my children that I was okay and I gave him my home address. On the second day Abu Yahya showed up and had two senior prison officers with him and took my friend, who they were going to release. And the next day I saw Abu Yahya while I was cleaning the aisle, and I said, “Abu Yahya, I want to talk to you, and I won’t talk long.” He said you can talk , and I told him I wanted to leave the prison and i promise you I would not stay in Sana’a and I would leave immediately. He said, “What can I do for you?” I told him you could please get me out of this place. He said he’d give me an answer tomorrow, and then he said, “I’ll talk to the warden, but what can you offer the warden in exchange for your release?”

So I told him I had a new clean 2013 Gulf Model Corolla car. I saw joy in Uncle Yahya’s eyes and he said, “Well tomorrow we’ll talk and don’t tell anyone. I told him I promise. “On the same day at night, Abu Yahya showed up and called me to the aisle where I was cleaning, and he said, “Take this cell phone, call your family, don’t talk too much, and tell them to send you a picture of your car that you talked about because the manager wants to see it.

I took the phone from him, and I was glad I’d talk to my wife after all this long separation, and actually Abu Yahya took me to the door leading to the yard of the outer central prison, and in one corner of it, I was stuck calling my wife’s mobile number, because it was the only number that was still in my memory.

When my wife opened up on this call, she remained silent, and I said Hello , and called her by name, and she screamed like she was waiting for this call, “Mohammed Mohammed.” she called my name twice, and I said, “Yes, I’m Mohammed.” I interrupted her because Uncle Yahya was standing in front of me, waving with his hand for me hurry. I said, “Listen, I don’t have much time. I’m fine. Don’t worry. Thank God. I asked her how she was doing, and the kids were on fast track, and then I told her to go to a friend of mine named Mojeeb Bawzier. He’s one of my closest friends and I told her to go to him and give him this number that I’ve called now and tell him that the owner of this number is going to get me out of jail for my car, and I was sure my friend’s would know what to do. I got off the phone, and then I didn’t meet Uncle Yhaya, and I wasn’t sleeping out of anxiety and I wanted to know what happened.

There were a lot of questions on my mind. Did my friend call Uncle Yhya? Do they agree? is my car still in its place or it was stolen? Is uncle Abu Yahya was transferred from this prison? I was tired of thinking and it’s been three nights I haven’t slept with insomnia and questions. On the third day at 8 p.m., the cell door opened and my eyes were on the door waiting for the next one to come until Uncle Abu Yahya walked in and greeted us all, and we were nine people in the room, and he waved his hand at me, saying, “Come, Muhammad,” you’d be transferred to another prison, and that’s where all my senses stopped and I couldn’t get out of joy.

Two fellow inmates helped me get up and kissed me, and I said goodbye to everyone who was with me in the room, and I went out with Uncle Abu Yahya, who was silent, and he didn’t say a single word, and I was walking behind him, where my condition was almost completely like a crazy person, long hair, dirty clothes and barefoot.

And when we got to the second door that separates us from the central prison building and from it we go into the yard, someone waved pointed to an old 1983 Toyota Cressida car and said, “Go get in to that car.” I went rushing up to her, and there was a guy in a white shirt sitting in the back chair chewing kat with his gun, and I was in horror and amazed, and he yelled at me, saying: come on, come up here, following his screaming i rushed and I got in the back chair, and he said, “Try to sleep on your stomach here under my feet. “I put my body as I asked, he put his feet over my head and my back, and somebody else rode with us. I couldn’t figure out who he was.

Because I was there like a dog position when he had his arm and his head stretched, the other guy also put his foot on my back and his other leg between my legs, and they were talking about Abu Yahya, and why he was late, and then I heard Abu Yahya’s voice asking about me, and then he just got in the front seat next to the driver, and then I heard him say where Abu Ali was going and I knew he was asking about the driver and they responded that he is in the restroom. And in a matter of seconds, the driver came in, and he turned the car on, and we went to the main gate, and I was completely covered in the robes of the two men sitting in the back, and the car stopped in front of the big, ominous gate, and they were talking to some guards in front of the door, and as they were talking, I heard the whistle of the gate opening and i felt like life is opening up in front of me.

Then the car went off, and all my pain removed away, and even though I was almost choking under their feet, I was happy, and it was the most beautiful day of my life on Thursday, 2019/7/18, and after a quarter of an hour we got to a crowded place, and I was hearing the sounds of congestion and noise. And I realised I was in the market, and someone told Uncle Yahya why don’t we just leave him here and get us back to jail before they find out about us, and Abu Yahya said okay!

After that, they stopped the car, and I was pulled out of it, so Abu Yahya called my friend, and he told him to come to your friend, and my friend called me, and he said, “Get in a taxi and come to the shop you know.” I told him sure! and I immediately set off. I kept walking so fast that I could change my position just in case they came back and changed their mind. In short, I met my wife and children, and I left, leaving behind everything i own with the hope of survival.

I didn’t want to leave the capital, Sana’a, but fearing for myself and my family, I had to leave. In addition, Abu Yahya, who had smuggled me, made it clear for me to leave Sana’a on the same day that they would get me out of prison otherwise he would burn me a live with my family if he saw my around the city and he insisted on that until last minute .

Yes, in this dialect, he used talking to me and he said that in case I get arrested he will be the first one to kill me, I was hoping that I would live my life again in peace and security with my family after we left the capital, but unfortunately I was still being pursued even in cities that are not under their control. Weird numbers call me and ask me where I am and messages as well to my mobile phone, all of which are threats.

I wrote my story briefly and with great pain and joy at the same time as one of the survivors of that tragedy.

Mohamed Nadeem Abdul Hakim Mohamed


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