Sam and the American Center for Justice (ACJ) condemn the kidnapping of the young man, Awab Jamel, to pressure the local authority in Taiz to release a prisoner accused of murder

The deputy head of ACJ – Latifa Jamel



Awab Jamel

Sam for Rights and Liberties Organization and the American Center for Justice condemned the kidnapping of the son of the Director General of Planning in the Taiz Governorate, young man, Awab Nabil Jamel, 19 years old, on Thursday afternoon, July 16 in Tor al-Baha – Al-Shuraiga area.

The two organizations indicated in a shared statement that according to the testimonies of those close to the victim, a military car belongs the Fourth Brigade a security belt with its gunmen stopped a mass transit bus that Awab with his three friends was home.

They were get down from the bus using they a picture of the kidnapped on a phone of one of the kidnappers, but the three friends were released while Awab was taken to an unknown destination.

The statement said: The kidnappers refuse to allow the family of the kidnapped Awab to communicate with him to check on him, according to their testimony.

Sam’s organization and the American Center for Justice consider this crime a threat to public security in the region, and a threat to travelers to or from Aden city abroad, as the perpetrators are supposed to provide protection for civilians.

At the end of their statement, the two organizations demanded the immediate release of Awab Jamel, and the perpetrators brought to justice as the local authorities and the leadership of the Fourth Brigade must bear full responsibility for not providing security to civilians within their control.

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