The inaugural Ceremony of the American Center for Justice ( ACJ ) in Michigan

The inaugural Ceremony of the American Center for Justice ( ACJ ) in Michigan

25 Jan. 2020

Michigan – USA

The American Center for Justice ACJ was inaugurated, on Saturday evening, its inaugural ceremony in Dearborn, Michigan, with the presence of many human rights activists, lawyers, politicians, heads of civil society organizations, and members of the state congress.

Abdul Rahman Barman, the president of the American Center for Justice ACJ, welcomed all the present, saying that, “ Mankind was fighting for peace, justice, equality and non-discrimination just to the World War era. 

Barman added, Then the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the international laws, treaties and norms were established and the United Nations and international organizations were announced in order to ensure International peace and security and protection of human rights.

He said “But nowadays we see a terrible collapse in human rights, expanding day after day, as most of the world’s countries have abandoned their moral and humanitarian commitment, replacing the interests of states over human values.

Barman pointed out that “ Half of the world’s population are exposed to at least one violation of their rights.

Barman referred to the tragedy of Yemen, which became one of the most well-known tragedies in 2018 and 2019, saying, “Since we began our ceremony today, 9 children in Yemen died of hunger, as a child dies every 10 minutes.

He said, “ According to UNICEF, Yemen suffers from the largest humanitarian catastrophe in the modern era, to the end of 2019, more than one hundred thousand people were killed due to the war, mostly are civilian.

Barman explained that, In Yemen, more than 30,000 children from 12 to 18 years, have been recruited and pushed to the frontlines, resulted in half of them have killed, while the other half will suffer physical and psychological pain throughout their lives affecting their abilities. “

Barman stated that there are “a million mines planted in Yemen that have claimed the lives of many civilians, especially children and women, and will kill innocent people for next decades.”

He pointed out that “tens of thousands were arrested, most of them were tortured, dozens died under torture while hundreds, their fate is still unknown and perhaps the situation in Syria is also worse after 7 years of war and in Iraq or Libya widespread violations against civilians.” 

Barman called to establish a civil, legal and right coalition that would support the justice, freedom and human dignity values.

Barman emphasized that “the establishment of the American Center for Justice ACJ comes within the aim of cooperating with civil organizations and institutions to help of violations victims and not impunity for those who practice them.”

For her part, human rights activist and deputy head of the American Center for Justice ACJ, Latifa Jamel, said that “the issue of protection and safety is a constant question by many victims whose rights are violated around the world, and we can see this clearly in the children faces, women and youth in war-torn areas around the world as well. 

Latifa Jamel added, “ As what happened  previously in Africa and some Latin American countries, and today we see it again in Yemen, Syria, Libya and Iraq.”

Latifa Jamel noted “There is no doubt that victims have the right to lose confidence in human rights principles and defenders because of what is happening to them and they do not find any justice”.

Latifa Jamel emphasized that, “ The American Center for Justice ACJ, including the center’s mission is based on the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Agreements, which is an independent and non-profit organization that does not have any political affiliation or any ideologies of any kind. 

Jamel added, “ The center is committed to defending all rights And freedoms regardless of the color, gender, race, religion, or political affiliation of the victims. ” 

She pointed out that “ The American Center for Justice ACJ team chose to defend rights and freedoms, because it is the only way through which we can participate in standing against violations the world is suffering from today, based on the firm belief in the right of victims to have a true and honest voice that represents them and cares about their issues. “

The ceremony was hosted by The American lawyer Amy V. Doukoure, a lawyer for the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) in Michigan and attorney Mark Voucher, who works as a specialist attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union known as ACLU.

Amy V. Doukoure said that “ There is a critical need for the community to human rights organizations such as the American Center for Justice ACJ to stand against the various violations that happen to individuals and groups because, as she said, “As a lawyer at CARE, ” I witnessed many violations whose victims suffer from persecution and injustice.”

Doukoure reminded the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states that human dignity is an inherent right of all human beings, just as it is the right to freedom, justice and education.

She noted that violation against human rights is not strange to us in the United States and not limited to countries where there is war, but rather they are very closer to us, as many people do not get their full rights. In Michigan, for example, some people do not get the right to obtain Clean water, and violations that occur for children in some police stations due to imbalance of justice.

She pointed out that the United States has the largest number of children in prisons and detention centers, especially in the last three years, as this period of the current administration witnessed acts that are totally contrary to the American constitution.

She explained “ When the current US administration separated many families from their relatives in the prohibition law that targeted Muslims and what happens Within the borders of separating children from their parents and placing them in detention centers.

Doukoure added, “ The worst suffering in modern era is what happens to the children of Yemen who die every day because of hunger and thirst, and what is happening to the children of Syria who are killed by poison gas.

In addition to “ The tragedy of the Rohingya Muslim minority in China and the massacres for India’s Muslims in full view of the world that turns its back on these horrific violations.

Dr. Doukoure emphasized that “ The American Center for Justice ACJ is what we need in our “backyard” to support victims of violence, persecution and anti-discrimination.”

In his turn, Mark Foncher, lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union, praised at the beginning of his speech the American Center for Justice appreciating its team efforts.

Foncher reviewed the most important stations of the slavery period in the South of America and the persecution of black Americans, as none was unable to own a slave except the rich due to the high price of a slave that reached about 40 thousand dollars while there was a crushed white class as they had no hand in the slavery cases but they were at dispute with the enslaved group “blacks”.

 Foncher said, “ If the poor white people united with the persecuted blacks, they would be able to stand against the money lords from the racist slave traders.

Foncher narrated some of the Trump administration’s practices that he described as racist, referring to some of Trump’s statements in which he described some African countries as “hotspots of evil” as well as what unjustified harassment and check to Muslims in airports and borders because of the veil, or the external appearance, as well as what happens to other groups of discrimination .

The ceremony included a poem in English for the young girl Reem Baleid, who mentioned in her poem the rights of the oppressed and the necessity to bring justice or them.

The ceremony included a video presentation part during which the attendees watched a video clip of the violations taking place in the countries of the world.

The most important of which are what is happening in Yemen and Syria and what is taking place in China of persecution, which requires those interested in the field of human rights to create initiatives to contribute to stop them, dragging their perpetrators to international justice.

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