American Center for Justice ( ACJ ) letter to the ambassador of Yemen in USA

American Center for Justice ( ACJ ) letter to the ambassador of Yemen in USA

Michigan – USA

In a strange procedure, US authorities deported many Yemenis people in its land.

One of those deported is the Yemeni well-known photographer, Anwar Al-Omaisi.

He is an accomplished and beloved wildlife photographer who has lived for the last 22 years in the New York City area was deported to his native Yemen last week without warning and without the chance to speak with his attorney or his family.

On January 28, Immigration and Customs Enforcement deported 42-year-old Haza’a Al-Omaisi, who goes by Anwar, after he attended a scheduled meeting with immigration officials.

“For 22 years, Alomaisi had diligently reported for these check-ins, which gave him temporary reprieve from deportation because he wasn’t a priority for removal,” according to a Huffington Post article. “He became active in the local Yemeni community over those years, volunteering with the fire department and photographing weddings.

“But this time when he went to check in with ICE, officials told him he could not go home. Instead, he was to be deported.”

Al-Omaisi said: “I was like one of the happiest guys on the planet, and when they told me they were going to send me back, I feel like someone threw me from the 20th floor to the street.”

Yemen, which lies at the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula, has been embroiled in a civil war since 2015, as it is declared that, over 100,000 people have been killed in Yemen, including more than 12,000 civilians, as well as estimates of more than 85,000 dead as a result of an ongoing famine due to the war.

The American Center for Justice ( ACJ ) reacted with such violation committed against Yemeni expatriates, then edited a formal letter to His Excellency Dr. Ahmed Awad Bin Mubarak, the ambassador of the Republic of Yemen, Washington D.C as follows :


His Excellency Dr. Ahmed Awad Bin Mubarak

Ambassador of the Republic of Yemen, Washington D.C

Subject: Issuing passports for Yemeni citizens without their consent or knowledge.

The American Center for Justice sends you greetings and best wishes. Reference to the above matter, the center has been following the developments of Mr. Anwar Al-Omaisi deportation after the Yemeni Embassy in D.C issued him a temporary travel document without his knowledge or consent.

The same thing took place with other Yemeni nationals that were deported in a similar fashion.

Since the Yemeni Embassy is the legal and official authority that looks after the well being of Yemeni citizens in the U.S, it is obligated to provide assistance when needed and part of this assistance is reaching out to the US government and requesting not to deport Yemeni nationals to a war-torn Yemen.

The Embassy should not issue temporary travel document to Yemeni citizens without their consent or knowledge and help them get legal help to avoid deportation to a war zone.

We urge you to do all you can to communicate with the US authorities to halt deportation of Yemeni citizens.

We also urge you inform those individuals at risk of deportation about their legal status concerns in time so that they can get the legal help they need and deserve.

Thank You and Best Wishes

AbdulRahman Barman,
President of ACJ

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