Abdulrahman Barman

Abdulrahman Barman

Abdul- Rahman Ali Barman the president of the American Center for justice
Licentiate in Law in 2006.
Lawyer before the Supreme Court
Former president of Yemeni Student Union at Sana’s University
Member of HOOD organization
Post founder and director of Sajeen Organization
Founder of Hiyad movement to prevent the use of the judiciary in solving political differences
Member of the National Commission to investigate allegations of violations of human rights 2015 – 2017
Member of the Advisory Board for the Ministry of Human Rights, Yemen 2012-2015
Member of the Board of Trustees of Siyaj Organization for Childhood Protection
Held advocacy campaigns for children, women, and detainees
A trainer in the field of human rights
A legal advisor for a number of NGOs and NGOs in Yemen
The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Barman Law Firm and Legal Consultations (2013-2016)

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