On the occasion of World Teachers’ Day, the American Center for Justice (ACJ) calls for addressing the situation of teachers and protecting the right to education in Yemen

The 5th of October falls every year on World Teachers’ Day, which was adopted in the year 1994, and UNESCO and Education International (EI) organize a campaign every year to help give the world a better understanding of teachers and the role they play in the development of students and society.

For many years, the situation of teachers in Yemen has been further complicated by the current war situation, the humanitarian crisis, and the difficult living conditions that resulted from the war while the educational situation has deteriorated accordingly, and educational institutions are emptied of their content.

The American Center for Justice (ACJ) is following the developments of the state of education in Yemen, and the teachers’ suffering from the interruption of wages and financial dues in the areas controlled by the Houthi group, prompting them to forcibly stop performing their duties, or forcing them to take sectarian courses with the aim of instructing them to teach them to students in schools, and to replace those who refuse with unqualified teachers affiliated with the group.

In the same context, in these areas, students are being pushed to drop out of education and join the battle fronts by recruiting them through what are known as summer camps, or instructing them with sectarian instructions that promote hatred and societal division. Educational institutions are privatized, and education fees are raised to an incapacitating degree for the people in light of Wage cuts and spread of unemployment.

In other areas under the control of the internationally recognized government, a large number of teachers joined the battlefronts and abandoned schools, and the rest of them suffer from low wages and declining purchasing power, which pushes many teachers to search for alternative jobs.

Dozens of teachers were subjected to arrests, torture and trials, and a number of them were sentenced to death in Houthi-controlled areas, while others were subjected to assassinations and kidnappings in the governorates of Aden, Lahj, Abyan and Al-Dhalea, which are under the control of the Transitional Council.

These conditions push the educational process in Yemen to further collapse, and make millions of children vulnerable to exploitation in hard labour, degrading treatment, recruitment by armed groups and behavioral deviation.

The American Center for Justice (ACJ) calls on the international community to work to address this situation, protect the right to education in Yemen, provide adequate and necessary assistance to end children dropping out of schools, address the conditions of teachers, and provide them with sufficient wages to devote themselves to the exercise of their duties efficiently.

(ACJ) notes that protecting the right to education in Yemen contributes directly and radically to the peace and stability in Yemen and the region, given that it provides good and safe life opportunities for millions of children, gives them opportunities to join the age, and keeps pace with their peers around the world.

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