Latifa Jamel, President of American Center for Justice (ACJ), welcomes the resolution to grant women passports without conditions

Latifa Jamel, President of American Center for Justice (ACJ), welcomed the resolution and instructions issued by the Ministry of the Interior to the Immigration and Passports Authority to grant Yemeni women the right to obtain passports without any requirements other than those stipulated by law from Article (6) of Law No. (7) of the year 1990  concerning Passports and Article No. (3) of the Republican Decree for the year 1994 regarding the Executive Regulations of the Passport Law.

The resolution was an important victory for Yemeni women in light of difficult and complex circumstances such as those the country is experiencing and the consequent double suffering that women face. It is also considered the culmination of women’s struggle for their freedom, dignity and independence, said Latifa Jamel

The President of ACJ commended the struggle of women who had spared no effort to claim their rights to freedom and independence, and the efforts of the organizations and bodies that had contributed to the achievement of this resolution.

 Latifa Jamel thanked the Ministry of the Interior for this decision, which was issued on the anniversary of International Women’s Day. She also called upon the Immigration and Passports Authority to promptly implement the instructions issued to it and to begin granting women passports without any hindrance or conditions associated with guardianship, in accordance with the conditions laid down in the law and its implementing regulations, as an inherent right of Yemeni women and in accordance with international instruments and treaties.

Jamel congratulated Yemeni women on this achievement, wishing them more freedom and more rights and calling on them to continue to fight for peace, freedom and dignity.

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