Statement by the President of the (ACJ) regarding supporting freedom of expression and peaceful assembly for student movements in American universities
  • 2024-04-24

    Affirming the right to protest and assemble without fear, the American Center for Justice (ACJ) stands in solidarity with individuals advocating peace nationwide. Latifa Jamel, President of ACJ, vehemently opposes any encroachment on the freedom of expression.

    Hailing from renowned academic institutions such as Columbia, Harvard, Yale, Berkeley, NYU, and the University of Michigan, students have banded together in "Encampments for Gaza" to decry the ongoing genocide perpetrated against Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. They bravely denounce human rights violations and war crimes targeting Palestinians.

    ACJ firmly denounces any attempts to curtail students' constitutional rights, emphasizing the necessity of safeguarding these freedoms. Accusations of anti-Semitism against these students, many of whom are of Jewish descent, are unsubstantiated. Their protest against the ongoing violence in Gaza is justifiable, as affirmed by international bodies and even President Biden.

    Urging university administrators to prioritize student well-being and resist pressure from Zionist factions, ACJ underscores the historical significance of student activism in effecting societal change.

    ACJ calls upon all advocates for peace and justice to rally behind these students in their noble quest for human rights and adherence to international law.