(ACJ): It is necessary to provide international protection for women in conflict zones and empower them to realize their fundamental rights
  • 2023-11-25

    Michigan - The American Center for Justice (ACJ) said that violations against women were still at the forefront of human rights violations in most countries of the world - especially - countries witnessing internal conflicts and unrest, as it is estimated that about 736 million women worldwide - one in three women - have been victims of physical or sexual violence at least once in their lives.

    on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, The ACJ confirms its continuous monitoring of dozens of multiple and complex violations against women in various conflict areas, especially in Yemen, the Palestinian territories, and Syria. The center emphasized  that these violations and dangerous practices have profoundly affected the enjoyment of basic rights by women in their countries due to continuation of these conflicts and the absence of any political signs or international will to resolve these years-long crises, which raises its fears of future violations that may affect a larger segment of women as the situation in these countries continues as it is. 

    For example, the aggression launched by the Israeli army on the Gaza Strip 49 days ago led to the killing of 4,077 and the injury of more than 6,000 women out of 17,455 civilians who lost their lives, as women constituted 40% of the total victims in the Strip until this moment. The conflict has also caused pregnant women to be deprived of special medical care, and newborn women face the risk of serious complications due to the lack of medicines, internal displacement towards places that are not medically equipped, and other multifaceted violations that women face in the Palestinian territories.

    In Syria, the matter is not much different, as the Syrian Network for Human Rights said that about 29,000 women have been killed in Syria since March 2011, most of whom were killed by the regime’s security services. The network also explained in its annual report on women that at least 28,926 females were killed in Syria during the aforementioned period, 117 of them due to torture, while 11,203 women are still under arrest or detention. 

    As for violations against women in Yemen, the American Center for Justice reviewed disturbing numbers that showed an escalation in violations against women in Yemen, which has been suffering from war for about 9 years, as more than 5,000 cases of violation were recorded until the end of 2022, including murder, physical injury, arbitrary arrest, enforced disappearance, torture, and prevention of movement. The Houthi group topped the list of parties violating women's rights with a rate of 70%, followed by the forces loyal to the legitimate government with a rate of 18%, then the Southern Transitional Council with a rate of 5%, and other parties with a rate of 7%, including deliberate killing and severe injuries against civilian women and activists, which amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity.

    (ACJ) notes that it has observed similarities in the methods to which women are exposed to in conflict zones, especially Yemen, including waste of dignity, oppression, and deprivation of the most basic rights, in addition to the practice of grave violations against women, including killing, injury, violence, arrest, sexual harassment, and the displacement of thousands of women, where women in conflict countries, especially Yemeni women, were subjected to direct and indirect targeting during the period of war in Yemen, due to the weakness of state institutions and the lack of security oversight, not to.mention illegal detentions, denial of demonstration and expression of opinion, and obstruction of women from obtaining their rights to edu…