(ACJ): storming Al-Shifa Hospital by the Israeli army is a full-fledged crime in light of deafening international silence
  • 2023-11-15

    Michigan - The American Center for Justice (ACJ) is following with great concern and alarm the Israeli army, in the early hours of this morning, storming a number of buildings at the Al-Shifa Medical Complex, as well as firing missiles at it. The center emphasizes that this serious attack is a full-fledged war crime committed directly before the international community and UN organizations, which have been silent and helpless in the face of Israeli crimes.

    According to the Center’s follow-up, the Israeli army informed the hospital director late last night of its intention to raid the medical complex under the pretext of searching for Israeli prisoners. However, the medical staff and hundreds of displaced people were shocked by the army’s entry into the the department of nephrology and internal medicine building, while the army claims its raid was specific and based on intelligence information, as it put it.

    The ACJ affirms that the storming of Al-Shifa Hospital and the ongoing siege of it for several days is a grave violation of the laws and customs of war, and constitutes a “war crime” under the Statute of the International Criminal Court, referring to what was stipulated in Article (18) of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which confirmed that civilian hospitals organized to give care to the wounded and sick, the infirm and maternity cases, may in no circumstances be the object of attack, but shall at all times be respected and protected by the Parties to the conflict.

    The American Center for Justice (ACJ) calls on the USA and the international community to condemn the Israeli army’s storming of Al-Shifa Hospital, to put pressure on Israel to stop its operations in the hospital and its surroundings, and to save the lives of children, the sick, and the injured from an imminent disaster that the whole world can see.