The Number of Detainees Exceeded Hundreds

The Condemnation of the Serious Attacks on the Civilians Celebrating the Yemeni Revolution Anniversary
  • 02/10/2023

    The American Center for Justice (ACJ) stated that it followed with great concern the attacks carried out by the Houthi group on citizens celebrating the anniversary of the “September 26” revolution in several governorates, the accompanying arbitrary arrests of children and youth, and the verbal assault on women. The Center stressed that what the members of the Houthi group did was an unacceptable attack on the freedom of opinion, expression, and peaceful assembly of individual and emphasized that this behavior required accountability because it included several serious violations. Consequently, the ACJ called on the Houthi group to release all detainees and to open an urgent investigation into the serious violations committed against these civilians.
    The center stated in a statement issued today, Monday, that according to its follow-up and information obtained by its field team in Yemen, the Houthi group has launched a campaign of arrests and widespread attacks in several governorates against those celebrating the anniversary of the “September 26” revolution. It also indicated that these attacks began on September 25, Monday, in Tahrir Square, “Al-Shuala Square,” where there was a gathering of thousands of individuals amid the official presence of the Houthi leaders. After the bonfire was lighten, those present chanted in the name of the Republic of Yemen, but members of the Houthi group, most of whom were wearing civilian clothes, started chanting the Houthi cry. Then they requested support from the Al-Olufi Police Department, where 6 Houthi military vehicles arrived and beat everyone carrying the “Yemeni flag.”
    Upon the arrival of the Houthi armed men, they forcibly removed the republican flags from citizens’ cars, brutally assaulted individuals, threw the flags on the ground, opened fire into the air, and arrested dozens of them. The center documented the arrest of 60 individuals on the first day of the attacks, 30 of whom were transferred for criminal investigation after their personal phones were tampered with, while 30 others remained inside the Al-Olufi Police Department awaiting their release on bail.
    The center highlighted that these attacks extended to the next day, September 26, after thousands of individuals gathered in the capital, Sana’a, raised flags, and marched in a peaceful mass march until they reached the Haddah and Rimas roundabouts. After that, the attacks on the celebrants began by members of the Houthi group, who surrounded the demonstrators and pushed them towards the Political Security Center near that area and arrested 100 of them, according to the information received by the center’s monitoring team. 
    According to the follow-up of the Center’s team’s, these attacks spread to several governorates and resulted in the arrest of hundreds of them without knowing an approximate number due to the large number of detainees, including a number of children, such as the 14-year-old “Munif Al-Sharifi” who was arrested for raising the flag of the Republic of Yemen. According to relatives of the child, who communicated with the center’s team, “Munif” has been detained for the sixth day in a row in Haddah Police Station in Sana’a on charges of raising the Yemeni flag. Munif was arrested with a number of young men on September 27.
    In Hajjah Governorate, Aflah Al-Sham District, “Abdo Ahmad Hadi Al-Tawaf” was arrested with three others after they lit the bonfire of the revolution on the top of a mountain in the district. On the other hand, “Mahmoud Ali Qaid Khurim” was arrested for the same reason in Kasher district. The center a…