On the World Humanitarian Day

Praising the Role of Humanitarian Workers
  • 20/08/2023

    The world celebrates World Humanitarian Day, which falls on August 19 of each year. This day honors the efforts of humanitarian workers around the world and reminds them of the importance of their role in achieving sustainable development and improving the lives of needy communities.

    In this context, the American Center for Justice (ACJ) would like to stress the importance of the role of humanitarian workers and their positive impact on the lives of millions of people around the world. Their giving and sacrifices show the power of solidarity and humanity that transcends the borders of cultures and religions.

    Humanitarian workers face great challenges in providing assistance to vulnerable groups, in addition to the pressures of displacement and ongoing conflicts. However, they continue devote themselves to bring about positive change and provide care and support to those who need it most.

    In light of the ongoing challenges facing societies around the world, we stress the importance of strengthening international solidarity and joint cooperation to address humanitarian crises and challenges. Collaboration between governments, non-governmental organizations and local partners demonstrates the ability of world leaders to bring about change and joint efforts to serve society.

    On this occasion, we denounce any attacks or assaults targeting humanitarian workers and we value their efforts all over the world, whether they are relief organizations, development assistants or volunteers.

    American Center for Justice (ACJ), Michigan United States of America