The American Center for Justice (ACJ) Welcomes the Verdict Rendered against a Man in Utah for Attacking a Latino Family
  • 20/08/2023

    The American Center for Justice (ACJ), a human rights organization headquartered in Michigan, welcomes the verdict issued in the case of the brutal racial assault that targeted a Latino father and son in Utah in 2018. The attacker was found guilty and sentenced to twenty years in prison. This ruling is a significant step towards asserting the rights of members of society and ensuring their safety.

    Such heinous acts targeting people because of their race or culture show the need to promote human rights and address racial hatred in all its forms.

    We appreciate the efforts of the law enforcement agencies and the judicial system in addressing this disgraceful act of racism and call for more efforts to raise awareness and education on human rights and to combat hatred and racism.

    We at the American Center for Justice (ACJ) believe in the importance of achieving equality and justice for all members of society, regardless of their background or identity. Thus, we urge the concerted efforts of institutions and individuals to build a society that encourages tolerance and solidarity, so that we can all enjoy a safe environment free from racial hatred in all its forms.