Statement by the President of the American Center for Justice (ACJ) in conjunction with the birthday of Martin Luther King
  • 2024-01-15

    Today, as we commemorate the anniversary of Martin Luther King, coinciding with distressing events in a distant part of the world, we find a profound connection to the principles for which Martin Luther King fought and sacrificed his life.

    We reiterate that the American nation is still grappling to discover its best version, striving to close this dark chapter in its history. This demands further commitment to rejecting racism and discrimination while upholding human dignity irrespective of color, religion, gender
    On this day, let us not forget the ongoing struggle against a regime as Israel, involved in a genocide against the people of Palestine. Over 23,000 Palestinians in Gaza have lost their lives, half of them children, with the explicit support of President Biden’s administration.

    The anniversary of Martin Luther King's birth serves as a constant reminder of justice, equality, and human rights. May we draw inspiration from his legacy to persist in the fight against discrimination and strive for a world where everyone is treated with dignity and respect