Including (ACJ) Human rights organizations launch an urgent appeal to stop violations of international law in the Gaza Strip
  • 18/10/2023

    Urgent appeal by human rights organizations, including the American Center for Justice (ACJ), demanding an end to the serious violations of international law committed by the Israeli authorities against the population of the Gaza Strip

    Michigan - The American Center for Justice (ACJ) was part of a joint urgent appeal launched by dozens of international non-governmental organizations. The appeal confirmed that the deliberate policies pursued by the Israeli occupation authorities against Gaza would ultimately lead to the partial or complete destruction of its population, amounting to a deliberate act of genocide against the Palestinian people there.

    The signatory organizations concluded their statement by calling upon the responsible international parties to take all necessary actions to compel the Israeli occupying authority to cease its ongoing aggression against Gaza and the Palestinian people as a whole and to require it to halt collective punishments such as cutting electricity and water and blocking the delivery of supplies and humanitarian aid. Additionally, they urged prosecutors at the International Criminal Court (ICC) to initiate an immediate investigation into the crimes of the occupation and call upon their countries to cease all forms of support for the occupation to avoid complicity in the crimes committed against the Palestinian people in Gaza.

    The full appeal click on( PDF) file