It issued its report, “They were Rendered Homeless”…The American Center for Justice (ACJ) Documents the Violations Committed by the Transitional Council Forces against Civilians in Jabal Al-Fors, Aden.

A human rights report by the American Center for Justice (ACJ) revealed crimes of mass displacement, as well as storming and burning of homes of citizens in Crater District, Aden Governorate committed by armed factions affiliated with the UAE-backed Transitional Council.

The report released by the Center today, Tuesday, entitled “They were rendered homeless”, documented the violations suffered by the residents of Jebel “Al-Furs” in Crater, (200 families), during the period from 2 to 12 October 2021 AD. The violations varied between arrests, raids, destruction, burning of homes and forced displacement.

The center stated that its field team visited the site of the incident (Jabal al-Fors – Crater) and met with a number of victims, eyewitnesses, and members of the displaced families.

The center’s team documented (12) cases of burning, destruction and total demolition of homes, and the displacement of (20 families) from their homes at gunpoint. These families are actually displaced families that come from several governorates, and they were displaced for the second or third time.

The center explained in the report that these incidents began on October 2 when armed clashes took place in Crater between two armed factions affiliated with the Transitional Council. The first faction was led by the former Camp 20 commander, “Imam al-Nubi” while the second was led by the commander of the Security Belt.

These clashes, which spilled over to several neighborhoods in Crater, resulted in civilian casualties, including dead and wounded, in addition to the destruction of a number of citizens’ private properties and public facilities.

The fierce clashes between the two factions imposed a stifling siege on civilians for four days, who were left in a critical humanitarian situation.

A few days later, forces from the Security Belt stormed Jabal al-Fors and attacked its residents by shooting indiscriminately under the pretext of collusion with ak-Nubi forces and allowing them to be stationed in the mountainous area and hide in their houses.

The Center added: The security Belt gunmen carried out extensive arrest campaigns and raids on the homes of dozens of the residents under the pretext of searching for wanted persons in connection with the events.

It indicated that on October 12, 2021, the Security Belt Forces expelled and displaced the residents of the mountain (Jabal al-Fors) by force of arms, in addition to looting the contents of their homes and completely destroying and burning 12 of them.

The Center urged in its recommendations the forces of the Southern Transitional Council to stop its practices against the residents of the mountain (Jabal al-Fors), stop displacing civilians, ensure the safe return of the displaced families, and compensate those affected by the events for the damage they sustained.

The center called on the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE military leadership in particular, to stop all forms of military and financial support for armed formations established outside the framework of the Yemeni government and to hold accountable the leaders involved in such practices that violate international law and which represent a flagrant violation of Yemeni law as well.

The Center also recommended the National Committee to Investigate Alleged Violations to Human Rights in Aden to open an investigation into the crimes of forced displacement by the forces of the Transitional Council of civilians in Jabal al-Fors and the previous displacement of the people of the northern and eastern regions.

The Center concluded its report by calling on the relief and humanitarian organizations to quickly pay attention to the suffering of the displaced from Jabal al-Fors, to provide them with relief, shelter and health assistance and to address the damage caused to their homes and interests.

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