It considers it a dangerous indication of transgressing the state and its laws…(ACJ) condemns the extrajudicial execution of a Yemeni citizen

The American Center for Justice (ACJ) condemns the extrajudicial execution carried out in Lauder district, Abyan governorate, against the citizen Naif Hussein Al-Hindi, from the Nisab district of Shabwa governorate by another citizen under the protection and supervision of the security belt forces in the district.

The execution took place in public on Friday, February 11 in the presence of a large crowd of citizens of the district against the backdrop of a murder that Mr. Al-Hindi was accused of committing with another person on Wednesday, February 9, in the district market after the Security Belt forces had detained him and brought the nephew of the victim, Jalud Abdullah Nasser Al-Joufi, who carried out the execution by firing squad in a scene which contradicts all norms, laws and humanitarian principles, completely contradicts the values ​​and means of justice, and violates the sanctity of life, the right of the accused to a fair trial, and the right of the victim and his relatives to obtain legal and just redress , and tramples on the law and the judiciary and their prestige and status.

The Center found out that the Abyan Security Department, in coordination with the Lauder Security Command, began its legal duties to receive the accused of murder, Naif Hussein Al-Hindi, and refer him to the competent judicial authorities; however, the Security Belt leadership refused to legally interact with the Security Department, ignored its rhetoric, and began investigating Al-Hindi on its own, replacing the executive and judicial authorities, before issuing its decision, and allowing one of the guardians of the victim’s blood, Jalod Al-Jawfi, to implement the execution in an act that combines the behavior of Militia and lawless vendettas.

(ACJ) stresses that this incident is a dangerous indication of transgressing the state, its constitution and its applicable laws, and it reproduces the law of the jungle and legitimizes revenge, which opens the door to societal strife and dangerous criminal behaviors.

The Center calls for the condemnation of this crime by all civil, political and social forces, and to stand firmly and responsibly before it, support the official security services in confronting it, and hold accountable all individuals or armed groups who were involved and colluded with it, stressing that security departments and relevant authorities are concerned with enforcing the law, holding the perpetrators of this crime accountable, and extending the rule of law, and preventing its violation by any party under any justification.

Issued by the American center for Justice (ACJ)

February 13, 2022

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