In a memorandum to the Yemeni Attorney General, American Center for Justice (ACJ) calls for an investigation into the death of a detainee at a police station in Marib

American Center for Justice (ACJ) called on the Yemeni Attorney General, Dr. Ahmed Al-Musai, to direct the Public Prosecution office in Marib Governorate to investigate the death of the detainee Ibrahim Adel Ali Hailan.

The memorandum stated that the center received a report about the arrest of the aforementioned person from his workplace, a barber shop, after storming the shop under the pretext of searching for a weapon. He was then transferred to an undisclosed location, which later turned out to be the First Security District in the city of Marib, on Thursday, December 16, and no one was allowed to visit him or communicate with him.

Two weeks after the arrest, his family was informed that he had died and his body was in the morgue of the Commission Hospital in Marib.

The center added that since the arrest and enforced disappearance of the aforementioned without legal justification, as well as his death in detention, make it necessary to conduct an independent judicial investigation to find out the causes of death, announce the results of the investigation, take legal measures in this regard, and hold those who committed these violations to account.

The memorandum demanded that the Public Prosecution office in Marib governorate promptly conduct an independent and transparent judicial investigation and refer everyone who was proven to be involved in committing a crime to the judiciary to receive his punishment.

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