IDPs women were exposed to sexual assault by members of the UAE-backed security belt in Aden, southern Yemen


Aden – Yemen

Informed sources in Aden said that “ The security authorities opened an investigation on Thursday against the sexual assault of a number of displaced women with black skin from Hodeidah governorate who said that gunmen wearing the security belt uniform tried to rape them”.

The incident occurred when gunmen affiliated with the UAE-backed security belt raided a small residential compound in Dar Sa’ad housing many displaced families while arresting the men before the gunmen assaulting sexually a number of women.

Journalist Ahmed mahir who shot the video, and other local activists posted the video segment of two displaced women talking about how they were sexually assaulted.

Human rights activists who are interested in defending Human Rights of the displaced families have condemned this crime saying it is shocking.

Aden tomorrow Newspaper held a call to the leadership of the Security Belt in Aden, which they said that they had also formed a committee to investigate the incident.

Noman al-Huthaifi, head of National Union of people with black skin in Yemen said, “ What happened against IDPs women in Aden of sexual assault is a crime to be added to violations committed to Black people in Yemen”.

Al-Huthaifi added,” I don’t think the criminals would not be charged probably as they are a part of the security forces in Aden.”

AbdulRahman Barman, head of The American Center for Justice commented, “ We in ACJ denounce this crime that is against Yemeni laws and constitution and International law that protect Human honour and dignity, considering all people are the same regardless their religion, color or sex.”

Barman added, “ This crime is one of public danger in Yemeni laws that enforce security and legal authorities to urgently catch those guilty of sexual assault and the ones who used racist words that break the social fabric of the Yemeni society.”

Barman confirmed that, “ Racist treatment and description that were used in this issue are against the civil society with freedom, democracy and equality.”

Belt security official said in a racist answer “ She is merely a Khadimah, means a woman with black skin”.

Such incidents are very rare in Yemen, as Yemenis are used to treats women with the utmost respect.

War conditions have caused thousands of families displacement fleeing from conflict areas to areas that are more safer.

Still my question arise, Will the accused ones be charged and subjected to the deserved legal punishment or not !!?

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