Human Rights Activist Riyadh Al-Dubai: the Yemeni Model Entisar Al-Hammadi Has Been Detained for more than 100 Days on False Charges

Riyadh AldubaiEntisar Al Hammadi, an elegant young Yemeni model an actress, has been detained in Houthi prisons for more than 100 days. Many of the charges were fabricated by Houthis without any evidence, and the Public Prosecution Office could not prove her guilty.Houthis accused Entisar of drug possession and prostitution which are false and untrue charges that Houthis used to abduct and imprison many women and girls Two days ago, a delegation of writers and intellectuals visited Entisar in her prison and listened to her tragedy. After the visit, Judge Abdul Wahab Qatran posted on his Facebook page a live testimony after listening to the young woman, EntisarThe story is in Arabic on Judge Qatran’s page, and I am here to convey it to you exactly as it is, but in EnglishAnd I hope that everyone will share it so that the world knows the tragedy of Yemeni girls in Houthi prisons They told her that drinking (alcohol) and having sex is permissible in the service of the country:This morning, we went to the Central Prison in Sanaa to visit the brave young woman imprisoned unjustly, arbitrarily and forcibly, Entisar Al-Hammadi, me and a group of writers, intellectuals, journalists, and lawyers, including Judge Ahmed Saif Hashid, Abdul-Bari Taher, Ahmed Naji al-Nabhani, Hassan al-Dawla, and the lawyer Nadia al-Khulaifi, her lawyer, Khaled Al-Kamal, and Wedad Al-Badawi, and others. Al-Hammadi explained to us with courage and dignity, the oppression, arbitrariness and injustice she was subjected to, in addition to framing her up on charges of promoting drugs without any evidence in the Specialized Criminal Prosecution.

When they did not find evidence against her, the Specialized Criminal Prosecution referred her to West Sana’a Prosecution, and accused her of practicing prostitution, without any evidence. She told us that Mr. Riyadh Al-Iryani questioned her and found no basis for the accusations, so he ordered her release. However, the Prosecutor refused to implement the release decision, and he referred the case to another member. Members of the Prosecution refused even to photograph her case file.

They deprived her of her right to a fair trial. I asked her whether they drew up the official report. She said “yes, they did at the checkpoint in Shamlan where I was arrested and I had only my small white bag, and my phone. I asked her how they treat her here. She said they treat me well, but when they arrested us, they blindfolded us and took our fingerprints on unidentified papers, and they took us to see several houses, they told us to drink and take a rest with the people in these houses, so I told them this is prostitution. They responded to us. It is permissible for the sake of serving the nation!!When we heard the last phrase from her, we were all shocked and stunned, is it possible that the moral decay has reached this level?! Is everything permissible in the group for the sake of achieving polluted interests, gains, and wealth?!

Entisar Al Hammadi has been imprisoned for 94 days without any legal justification other than arbitrariness and racism as her mother is Ethiopian.…/status/1399647187232079879…

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