Deputy Head of the American Center for Justice ACJ comments on Aden Airport attack

In commenting on Aden International Airport attack, Deputy Head of the American Center for Justice ACJ, Latifa Jamel stated that this terrorist operation targeted the entire political process and it does not target the prime minister’s life or the cabinet but rather meant to undermine the stability that is supposed to serve the reconstruction of the stagnant economy which has led 80% of the population to live below the poverty line.

Jamel called for establishing a national and international joint committee whose task is to investigate the incident and to identify the perpetrators in order to prevent the continuation of terrorist acts and allow the government members to carry out their job in the interim capital of Aden.

Jamel also called the government members to stay in Aden. She also emphasized that they should commence doing their job to stabilize the currency and prices and to normalize life in areas under their control which will help alleviate the heavy suffering of Yemeni people since this war started in 2015.

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