Demanding an end to the systematic practices against education, The American Center for Justice (ACJ) condemns the arbitrary measures taken by the Houthi militia against Manarat Private School

The American Center for Justice (ACJ) condemns in the strongest terms the arbitrary measures taken by the Houthi militia against the Manarat Private School in Al Sabeen District in the capital, Sana’a after the school had organized a women’s festive event.

The authority of the Houthis militia obligated the aforementioned school to fire the principal, evict the school from female students, turn it into a school for male students, and shut down the English language section by a circular issued by the director of the Education Office of Sana’a, who was appointed by the militias in this position, to the Director General of Al Sabeen (Seventy) District and the Director General of the Education Office branch in the district.

The circular included accusations of the school principal of holding an event in which she did not adhere to the required rules and conditions, as described by the director of the Education Office, who said that the event contradicts faith culture, principles, and values, and harms the educational message, according to his claim.

ACJ considers these procedures as part of the systematic practices by the militias to empty the educational system of its content and turn it into a means of mobilization for children and students in favor of the militias in order to indoctrinate them with sectarian teachings, attract them to their ranks, and deprive them of access to modern knowledge and science, especially as it obliges schools and universities to organize sectarian activities and to hold the so-called “cultural courses” for teachers and students, in addition, the Houthis use summer camps and various activities that promote the militia project throughout the year, in conjunction with recruiting children, participating in military battles, depriving teachers of their salaries, pushing them to pursue other professions, and appointing teachers loyal to the Houthis. The Houthis also have closed a large number of schools or used them as military barracks or weapons stores.

The Center calls on the concerned international organizations and bodies to intervene and pressure the militias to stop these practices and to stop cooperating with the militias in any activity that would support this trend.  ACJ also calls for paying attention to what happened to Manarat Private School and preventing such practices

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