considering them absurd practices and culmination of militia practices
The American Center for Justice (ACJ) condemns the death sentences and imprisonment regarding what is known as the “Sana’a Security Cell”

The American Center for Justice (ACJ) condemns the death sentences issued by the Criminal Court controlled by the Houthis against citizens Fahd Al-Salami, Sadeq Al-Majidi, and Khaled Al-Olufi, as well as sentencing Ahmed Al-Qatta, Fuad al-Awadi, Nabil al-Sawadi and Asim Radman to 8 years impresonment and sentencing Mansour al-Faqih, Essam al-Zendani, Muhammed al-Harazi al, Mukhtar al-Jabali and Mahdani al-Mahdani to 7 years imprisonment regarding the case which the criminal prosecution called “Sanaa Security Cell led by Ahmed al-Qatta”

The Center regards this ruling as a continuation of a series of violations committed in the name of the judiciary, which lacks legitimacy, since this court is neither constitutional nor legal, and its existence does not comply with the law of the judicial authority and international charters and treaties. In addition, all the trial procedures and the arrest and investigation prior to its procedures contradict the principles of a fair and impartial judiciary. Furthermore, the Supreme Judicial Council had previously issued a decision to abolish it, which makes everything this court issues invalid.

ACJ considers the rulings of this court nothing but culmination of the cruel practices that preceded it. As those on trial are subjected to kidnapping, enforced disappearance, abuse and confession extracted under torture while their families, relatives and lawyers receive multiple forms of threats, intimidation and extortion, which is what happened with the convicts in this case, after they had been kidnapped from their workplaces six years ago.

The center confirms that the the release of one of the death row convicts in this case, Khaled Al-Olufi, in the prisoner exchange deal is evidence of the lack of legality and integrity in court and trial procedures and its absurdity and tampering with the constitution, law, rights and freedoms.

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