Journalist Fouad Massad submits an urgent statement about being insulted by an armed group in Aden

Journalist Fouad Musaed submitted an urgent report to the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate, the International Federation of Journalists and local, regional and international organizations concerned with media freedom, after he was insulted by an armed group.

Masaed accused the leader in the Transitional Council, Mukhtar al-Yafei, of leading the armed group that attacked him, and prevented him and a number of journalists from conducting television interviews with satellite channels after threats made by al-Yafei against journalists and broadcasting offices in Aden.

Musaed said in his statement: “I was surprised this evening, Tuesday, and before the start of an interview with BBC Arabic TV, that the management of the broadcasting office of the Al-Maamari Company received orders from the so-called Mukhtar Al-Yafei to prevent broadcasting any interview with satellite channels, and the representative of the office told me that they could not broadcast the interview because of the directives issued by the aforementioned.

He added: “Therefore, I submit this report denouncing the sinful and cowardly attack that affects journalists and restricts them in their work, and expresses the bankruptcy of those who carry out these violations for nothing but their possession of weapons and their ability to bully, threaten journalists and storm media institutions, as the same plaintiff did in the past period, when he stormed the official 14 October institution and the Yemeni news agency “Saba”, which are known, documented and recorded incidents of assault and intrusion in the name of the so-called Mukhtar al-Yafi’i.

Journalist Musaed blamed Al-Yafei and all his partners and supporters for the continuous attacks on him and his colleagues, especially since those close to him told journalists that he had a list of the names of a group of journalists who refused to work under his guidance, and that he is currently working on distributing these names as they are wanted and prohibited from speaking to the media. .

Musaed demanded the competent authorities, whether in the government or the de facto authorities in Aden to stop what he described as crimes and violations that reveal to the public opinion that the armed gangs which violate freedoms in Aden are similar to their counterpart the Houthi gang in Sana’a, according to his statement.

He also held the responsibility for what he said he might be exposed to in the future due to the continuous incitement and continuous threats against him and against all journalists who refused to turn into what he called “paid mouthpieces” or beg for an amnesty and the honorableness of Al Yafei, as he put it.

He also Al-Yafei accused of carrying out his attacks, taking advantage of the power of the armed groups that accompany him to commit grave violations against the press and journalists, as stated in his statement.

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