An urgent appeal for relieving Yemen due to the flood disasters as soon as possible

ACJ – Yemen


The American Center for Justice ( ACJ ), SAM for Rights and Liberties, Tamkeen organization for Development and Human Rights, Defa’a organization for Rights and Freedom and Women Net for Yemen  called local and international community, private sectors and Business men to Help the residents of the Yemeni areas that have been severely damaged by the recent flood disasters, especially Hodeidah, Sana’a, Marib, Aden, and Amran, in addition to other governorates.

In a press release issued in August 5, 2020, the organizations confirmed that the initial images that they saw and circulated in the media confirm that Yemen is facing an unprecedented humanitarian disaster due to the floods, which made an additional burden on civilians.

Exacerbates the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, especially the displaced camps that were destroyed by floods, and increases the health risks in the already degraded countries, threatening to increase the spread of epidemics and diseases such as cholera, measles and dengue fever that infected tens of thousands during the years of war.

The “organizations” indicated in their statement to the failure of the de facto authorities in their areas of control in Sana’a and Aden to face this disaster because they are a way from the citizens involved in political issues and the continuation of the war.

Militias in Sana’a and Aden devote all the country’s resources to the military effort, which greatly violated their responsibility, both in terms of preparation or warning of negligence and neglect consequences that exacerbate the humanitarian catastrophe and increase material losses.

The organizations described the legitimate government and the de facto authorities appeal to the international community to help Yemen without any responsible work on the ground as a kind of irresponsible dependence resulting from a disregard for responsibility that amounts to crime, it is also considered as a kind of immoral exploitation of the population suffering, according to the statement.

They called on the private sector to bear its social responsibility towards the affected people, and to work in great coordination through the establishment of an independent fund that works in coordination with other efforts to alleviate the civilians suffering providing the necessary needs of shelter and food.

They appealed to the regional and international community to move urgently according to a rescue plan to support urgent relief operations that include requirements to respond to basic needs.

The statement said that it is necessary in these circumstances to remind the Arab coalition and the United Nations of their moral and legal duty towards the Yemeni people suffering, and to work to alleviate the Yemeni people suffering affected by the war and the accumulated disasters that have made Yemen the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.

The “organizations” stressed the need for the parties to the conflict in Yemen to open windows of hope for the Yemeni people by contributing to alleviate the effects of the humanitarian disaster, by allowing relief organizations to deliver aid to those affected by the flood disaster.

The organizations stressed that the government and the de facto authorities should put in place plans to preserve the remaining infrastructure.

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