American Center for Justice condemns the Houthis’ trial of 62 women with illegal procedures in the Sultana Palace case

American Center for Justice (ACJ) is following with great concern the trial of dozens of women in Sana’a by the Houthi group in the case known as the Sultana Palace as 22 women were brought to trial while imprisoned. On the other hand, more than 40 women are being tried under conditional release with strict commercial guarantees.

The women who are being prosecuted were subjected to very cruel treatment as they languish in a secret prison in Sana’a surrounded by heavy guards. These women are denied family visits or communicating with their families, and prevented from meeting the lawyers who provide them with legal aid.

Belqis Al-Haddad and her two sisters, Amani and Iman, and 22 female representatives are still imprisoned in an undisclosed location.They are brought to the sessions underheavey guards, and their families are prevented from visiting them in violation of the law. Belqis says before the court that she was subjected to harsh treatment and was denied access to her lawyer. Her identity card, passport, commercial record and car were confiscated by the Security and Intelligence Service, who offered her while she was in prison, declaring her bubkrupcy and then Sharing the large sums of money with which she manages the project, so she refused since these funds belong to more than one hundred thousand citizen shareholders.

One of the representatives reports to the court that he has been in detention for 400 days, and his wife is also detained. They have a baby, and he was unable to see his wife or son, all of whom are detained in connection with the Sultana palace case.Although they provuded sufficient guarantee, but the authorities are arbitrarily denying their release.

(ACJ) calls on the international community and international organizations to put pressure on the Houthi group in Sana’a to immediately release the Sultana Palace group, return the looted money to shareholders, and stop confiscating the money and freedoms of citizens in Yemen.

issued by American Center for Justice (ACJ)

August 21, 2021

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