American Center for Justice condemns referring 46 abductees who belong to the General People’s Congress to the criminal prosecution in preparation for their trail

American Center for justice (ACJ) expresses its deep concern about referring 46 abductees affiliated with General People’s Congress including the journalist Sultan Ahmed Qutran ,who has been in detention for three years, General Nabeel Ali Al-Qars, General Eskandar Ghurab, Nabeel Shuja’a al-Deen along with many officers and activists to the criminal prosecution by the Houthis.

American Center for Justice (ACJ) emphasizes that the continuation of the trails of the detainees and abductees by a court which has been abolished by the highest judicial authority in Yemen, High Judicial Council, is regarded as a violation of the constitution, Judicial Authority Act of Yemen, and international laws and customs. As this court lacks the minimum level of justice and fairness since the judges were hired by Houthis and affiliated with them. these judges make sure to issue sever sentences most of which are death sentences after mistrials in their courts where the sentenced persons are not allowed to defend themselves as guaranteed in the constitution and law.

American Center for Justice (ACJ) also calls the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Yemen, all international organizations and agencies and human rights activists to intensify their efforts and to put pressure on Houthis in order to stop the unfair trails and judicial proceedings based on confessions under torture. American Center for Justice also calls for providing the necessary protection for the sentenced persons and saving them from such unfair trails.

American Center for Justice (ACJ) stresses that the continued arbitrary detention and trails conducted by Houthis are violations of the human right to life, freedom and safety. ACJ underlines that anyone who is involved in these trails should be held criminally responsible before the law.

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