American Center for Justice (ACJ) Welcomes UN Security Council’s Resolution to Ban Selling Arms to the Houthis

American Center for Justice (ACJ) welcomes the Security Council’s resolution to expand sanctions against the Houthis, to include them as an entity on the arms embargo list, and to condemn their attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure and the continued supply of arms to them.

The Center commends this resolution, which brings justice for the dead, wounded, kidnapped, disappeared, displaced, besieged and hungry people and limits the danger of the hostilities committed by the Houthi militia on civilians, vital facilities, population centers, markets, schools, hospitals, and roads, as well as emphasizing the danger of these weapons and their direct impact on peace calls and plans and stabilization projects in Yemen and the region.

ACJ calls on all parties and concerned bodies in the world to prevent the Houthis and all armed organizations and groups operating outside the framework of states from obtaining weapons, equipment and technologies that would undermine security and stability and harm local and global peace, referring to the serious and grave violations committed by the Houthi group over the past years against Yemenis. Furthermore, their attacks, amounted to maritime piracy and the planting of mines in international shipping routes, have crossed borders.

The Center hopes that this resolution will be implemented as soon as possible. It also hopes that all forces, states, and authorities will cooperate to monitor the supply of arms to the Houthis, and that strict sanctions will be imposed against any party who violates this resolution, noting that the continued flow of weapons during the past years contributed to the intensification of the fighting and enabled the Houthis to commit all these violations; therefore, it was necessary to stop them from an early date.

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