American Center for Justice (ACJ) Welcomes the Two-Month Truce in Yemen

American Center for Justice (ACJ) welcomes the truce announced in Yemen, which includes a cessation of military operations, and alleviation of human and economic suffering for civilians, such as allowing the arrival of fuel, oil derivatives, household gas, and basic materials, in addition to the exchange of detainees.

The Center believes that this truce is a good opportunity that should be seized by everyone to seriously pursue a true, comprehensive and undiminished peace process, in which the state restores its institutions and sovereignty over its lands, and all groups and political and social forces participate in its administration and where redress is achieved for all victims of human rights violations, in addition to stopping those violations, conducting national reconciliation, and achieving transitional justice.

(ACJ) stresses that Yemeni society can no longer tolerate the continuation or renewal of the war, and that the resulting human tragedy has reached its extent, and caused poverty, displacement, diseases, epidemics, social rifts, and sectarian and regional strife. In addition, the war destroyed the country’s infrastructure, seriously damaged its educational, economic and security institutions, and left tens of thousands of mines, explosive devices and unexploded ordnance, which place heavy burdens on the future, and make reconstruction an urgent necessity that should be started quickly, with the participation of all local, regional and international parties.

American Center for Justice calls for the involvement of the local and international civil society in monitoring the implementation of the truce terms related to the humanitarian and economic aspects, the release of the kidnapped, detainees and the disappeared, the opening of the crossings and the end of the siege on cities and rural areas, in addition to supporting and uncovering the obstacles by any party and revealing the party that avoids fulfilling the obligations stipulated in the truce by any party.

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