American Center for Justice (ACJ) Statement on the Incident of Killing Two Civilians by a Houthi Supervisor in Maqbana, Taiz Governorate

American Center for Justice (ACJ) condemns the murder of cardiologist Ahmed Omad Al-Shamiriy 35 and his brother, Hamoud Al-Shamiriy17. And the injury of 13-year-old Qais waddah by a gunman from the Houthi group called “Azzat Alezzi Abdel Nur,” the cultural supervisor of the Houthi group in Maqbana district of Taiz Governorate, as a result of the victims’ objection to the supervisor’s mug and attacks on some of the companion and the wives of the Prophet Muhammad ( PBUH) And they left the mosque in protest.

According to one witness who spoke to the center, “The perpetrator ambushed and shot the children Hamoud and Qais. The perpetrator then moved towards the house and fired bullets at the house. Upon hearing the sound of the bullets, Dr. Ahmed was in a grocery store buying candy for his 6-year-old daughter. He sat off to see what had happened, and he didn’t know that his little brother had been killed, and the killer also started shooting him and he was killed in front of his child. “

The American Center for Justice (ACJ) demands that the perpetrators be arrested promptly and that an impartial and independent judicial investigation be conducted without interference and influence the judicial authority to investigate this case with a view to ensuring accountability and punishment in accordance with the law.

ACJ expresses its deep concern that such crimes have been repeatedly committed with sectarian or regional motives, systematic by Houthi gunmen, and without deterring punishment for perpetrators. This is causing the spiral of violence to expand and to narrow the chances of building confidence and establishing peace in Yemen, which has been experiencing a devastating war for more than 6 years.

The Centre calls on the Houthi group to direct its members not to inflame sectarian discord in society and to hand over to the judiciary those who commit such acts to receive their punishment.

From the American Center for Justice (ACJ)

20 May 2021

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