American Center for Justice (ACJ), SAM for Rights and Liberties, and For a New Yemen Initiative hold a Seminar entitled: ( The Requirements for Peacemaking in Yemen)

Runs the Seminar:

* Mohamed El Rajoy – Executive Director of the Arab Foundation for Strategic Studies.

Speakers:*Abdurrahman Berman – President of American Center for Justice (ACJ)Humanitarian Front for Peace

* Tawfiq Al Hamidi – President of SAM for Rights and Liberties/Human Rights in Yemen

.*Dr. Adel Deshaila – Writer and Political Researcher/Difficulties Facing Political Solution in Yemen .

* Yasmine Al-Qaddi – Activist/Status of Yemeni Women in War .

* Nabil Al-Bakiri – Writer, Researcher/Illusions of Peace and Realities of War

* Time : Tuesday 5/18/2021 at 9:00 Yemen Time , 2:00 New York Time, 8:00 Austria and German Time*

Zoom Link

.Meeting ID: 816 9845 6022

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