American Center for Justice (ACJ) Expresses its Regret at the Halt in the Peace Talks and Calls for De-escalation

American Center for Justice (ACJ) expresses its regret at the results of the talks of peace efforts led by the UN Special envoy for Yemen and the U.S.A Special Envoy for Yemen in the Omani capital Muscat between the Yemeni sides represented by the Yemeni government from one side and the Houthi group from the other side. The talks continued for three months with the objective of achieving comprehensive ceasefire in Yemen.

ACJ followed with keen interest the peace talks and the obstacles to the implementation of the proposed decisions, on top of them halting the military escalation on all fronts and especially in Marib where thousands of IDPs live. The Center regards this obstacles to efforts to stop the war and to consolidate peace as a clear defiance to the resolution of the Security Council which called all the parties to the conflict to engage constructively with the UN Special Envoy for Yemen and to sit down at the negotiating table without any preconditions for the purpose of an immediate ceasefire in accordance with relevant provisions of the Security Council, taking into account the necessity of the full and equal participation of women, and youth. Adding to that, these obstacles to which the UN envoy alluded confirm the Houthi group’s unpreparedness to end the suffering of millions of Yemenis and to end the worst humanitarian disaster witnessed by the whole world.

ACJ confirms that the persistent attack on Marib would exacerbate the humanitarian crisis, put the lives of more than a million IDPs at risk and jeopardize efforts to secure political settlement in Yemen, the Houthi group continues its escalation of military attacks on the city, targeting the civilians including women and children with ballistic missiles

American Center for Justice (ACJ) calls the Houthi group to resume the talks with the UN special envoy and the U.S envoy and to halt the military escalation it launched on all fronts and to initiate effective procedures that prove its intention to move ahead towards a comprehensive peace in Yemen. The Center also calls upon the international community and the United Nations to resume the talks related to the peace effort. It also calls them to pressure the Houthis to commit themselves to peace and hold the group responsible for the continuation of its military escalation and its disastrous consequences on peace talks.

Issued by American Center for Justice (ACJ)
May 11, 2021

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