American Center for Justice (ACJ) Condemns the Targeting of Civilians in Marib by Houthis

American Center for Justice (ACJ) condemns the deliberate targeting of civilians in residential neighborhood in Marib City with 6 ballistic missiles on 8-9 February 2021 which were fired by Houthi militia and resulted in killing 4 civilians and wounding 12 others including women and children.

The bombardment synchronizes with the military operation against Marib which was announced by the Houthi group few days ago. This operation aims at gaining militarily control over the City of Marib. Houthis’ bombing of the residential neighborhoods with missiles is systematically repeated while Houthis are conducting armed operations as a part f their military strategy in order to achieve triumph over forces loyal to the legitimate government and make progress on the battlefronts.

During the war, Marib received huge waves of displacement among civilians who were directly affected by the conflict and precarious security conditions in the southern and northern provinces. These IDPs fled to Marib in search of the stable security and services provided by the local authorities in the government. The local Authority estimated the displaced population at 2 million IDPs which makes Marib one of the most densely populated cities in Yemen during the war.

ACJ confirms that these attacks amount to war crimes which are among “grave breaches” contained in the Provisions of the Geneva Conventions and based on customary law as well as many other sources that include numerous types of crimes including deliberate and indiscriminate attacks that harm the civilians.

ACJ also warns against the increasing violence and violations perpetrated by Houthis which are normally associated with every call for peace by the international community, the latest of which was the announcement of the United States of America to halt U.S support for military operations in Yemen and to appoint a new peace envoy to Yemen, days after revoking the designation of Houthis as foreign terrorist group.

American Center for Justice (ACJ) calls the international community and international human rights agencies for the prompt intervention to pressure Houthis to end the vicious attacks against the civilians. ACJ also calls the international community to take the adequate measures to end this war , protect the civilians and pursuit the perpetrators of war crimes and human rights violations.

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