American Center for Justice (ACJ) condemns the shelling of Al-Rawda neighborhood in Taiz and calls on activating the terms of the truce and protecting civilians

The American Center for Justice (ACJ) condemns the targeting of Al-Rawda neighborhood in the city of Taiz with shells by the Houthi group, which resulted in the death of the six-year-old Al-Baraa Murad Abdullah Abdo Al-Sharif and the injury of 11 other citizens, most of whom are children.
The Center stresses that this incident clearly violates the UN truce and repudiates all obligations regarding it, which puts the parties sponsoring this truce in direct responsibility to identify the party that commits grave violations of human rights and hence obstructs peace efforts.

(ACJ) calls upon the international community to exercise its responsibilities against this heinous crime, which wasn’t the first since the truce took effect, to condemn its perpetrators clearly and publicly, and to take the necessary measures to stop and deter the Houthi group and provide protection for civilians from the group’s ongoing violations.

The American Center for Justice reminds you that main purpose of the truce is to provide protection for civilians, end their living suffering, and enable them to freedom of movement and mobility. However, the announced truce did not achieve any of this for civilians, especially in the city of Taiz and its countryside, and thus their suffering continues and their lives and safety are subject to attacks.

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