American Center for Justice (ACJ) condemns the Murder of a woman by Houthi elements

American Center for Justice (ACJ) vigorously condemns the heinous crime of killing a Yemeni female citizen in Odain District of Ibb Governorate by the head of security of the district, General Shaker Al-Shabibi also known as Abo Bashar and a number of security personnel of Odain District which is under Houthis’ control.

In a blatant violation of the human right to life and inviolability of the home, the aforementioned stormed the house of Khetam Ali Al-Ashari on Thursday morning December 24, 2020 on the pretext that they were looking for her husband who is wanted by the security forces in a criminal case. They insulted and beat her in front of her children resulting in her death while being transferred to hospital.

American Center for Justice (ACJ) calls for an urgent, impartial and transparent judicial investigation free from any external interference in the judicial body to ensure that perpetrators are speedily brought to justice and apply the penalties prescribed by law.

American Center for Justice also calls civil society and international organizations to enhance the efforts to monitor and document the violations against Yemeni civilians and support the victims to get their rights and to ensure such violations do not go unpunished.

American Center for Justice expresses its concern over increasing serious violations of human rights in Yemen especially in areas under Houthis control where judiciary and security bodies are controlled and run by Houthis’ supervisors.

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