American Center for Justice ACJ Condemns the Houthis Attack on the IDPs Camps

The American Center for Justice (ACJ) condemns the suffering of hundreds of displaced civilians in Marib Governorate as a result of indiscriminate artillery bombardment by the Houthi group, which targeted three camps in the “Mil” area inhabited by children, women and the elderly, injuring 6 women and men, as well as the panic of displaced people, who then fled those places to search for other places far from bombing and death.

The monitors of the Centre were able to arrive at the camps. They documented and photographed the victims of the displaced persons and heard their testimony, the suffering and hardship they suffered as a result of the bombing, the displacement and the physical and psychological damage they suffered as a result. This was the fifth time they’d been displaced out in search of safety.

The United States Center for Justice expresses its deep concern at the repeated attacks by the Houthi group on the camps of displaced persons, without any regard for the tragic conditions they are living in and in clear violation of international laws and instruments that prohibit the targeting of civilian objects and endanger the lives of civilians.

The continued attack by the Houthi group on the city of Marib, home to hundreds of thousands of displaced persons, and in the light of the silence of the international community, the United Nations envoy and international human rights and humanitarian organizations, has encouraged the group to continue to carry out massive violations against civilians .Which alerts a humanitarian disaster that could affect two million displaced people living in this city.

The Centre calls on the Houthi group to stop attacking the city of Marb and the camps for displaced persons as civilian targets that may in no way be attacked and that represents a war crime in accordance with international law.

The Centre also calls upon the international community to assume its responsibility for the violations committed against displaced persons in the province of Marb. At the same time, the Centre urgently appeals to humanitarian institutions to provide the displaced persons with prompt relief and to provide them with the necessary shelter, tents, food, drink and medicine.

The American Center for Justice (ACJ)

2021 – 3 – 28

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