American Center for Justice (ACJ) Condemns the Heinous Crime Committed by the Houthi Group against the Civilians in Marib

American Cenetr for Justice (ACJ) condemns in the strongest terms the ongoing vicious attacks that target the civilians in the densely populated city of Marib, the last of which was the double attack conducted by the Houthi group using ballistic missiles and a drone which targeted Al-Rawda area, north of the city and struck a fuel station.

ACJ monitors and eyewitnesses confirmed that the station was hit while tens of cars were waiting to be fueled, leading to a massive fire which resulted in killing 14 civilians including a 3 years old child named Layal Taher Mohammed Faraj and there is a photo of her burned body next to her father’s body which shows how horrible this tragedy is.

Targeting civilians deliberately or as a part of systematic or large scale attacks on civilian residents can constitute a crime against humanity which violates all the international laws, norms and conventions. That applies to the continuous, systematic and large-scale attack on Marib which hosts two million IDPs, all of whom fled the horrors of war.

The international community shamefully hasn’t taken timely and decisive action to protect the civilians in Yemen from the brutality of the raging war for six years. The continued disregard for the widespread violations against the civilians may make the international community an accomplice.  

ACJ demands that the Houthi group immediately cease launching ballistic missiles and drones to attack Marib and the densely populated areas, and to stop jeopardizing lives of millions of IDPs. It also calls upon the international community, the United Nations and the international organizations to put pressure on the Houthi group to halt its military escalation in Marib and to prevent a humanitarian disaster which may be added to the list of disasters endured by the Yemeni people due to the war.

Issued by American Center for Justice (ACJ)

6 June 2021

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