American Center for Justice (ACJ) Condemns the Death Threat to a Journalist by a Houthi Leader

American Center for Justice (ACJ) condemns in the strongest terms the threat of liquidation and trial against the journalist and human rights activist in Al-Mahwit Governorate Mr. Ali Mohammed al-Aqabi , by the Houthi leader in the governorate, Mohammed Sharaf Al-Din, according to his post on his official Facebook page, which also included immoral words against the backdrop of of Al-Aqabi’s media and human rights activity, who is interested in reporting the violations of Houthis in the governorate.

Al-Aqabi was arrested by the Houthis on March 23, 2015 and he was imprisoned with others in a secret prison for four days. At that time, he was able to escape from the brutality of the Houthi group to Marib Governorate, which is controlled by the legitimate government.

 The center considers that this behavior of the group in its suppression of activists is contrary to the constitution, Yemeni laws, charters and international treaties, which guarantee everyone the freedom of opinion and expression in word and deed. American Center for Justice holds the Houthi leaders fully responsible for any risks that the victim may face.

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