American Center for Justice (ACJ) Condemns the Death Sentence against 11 Detainees in Sana’a and Calls on the UN Envoy and NGO’s to Pressure Houthis to stop these such Illegal Procedures

American Center for Justice (ACJ) strongly condemns the death sentences issued by the Specialized Criminal Court in Sana’a, which is under the control of the Houthis, against 11 detainees of security and educational leaders from the General People’s Congress Party, including two women working in the Political Security Service

In Sanaa, today, Saturday, The Specialized Criminal Court sentenced the following persons to death as a punishment

  1. Mohammed Essam al-Maleki, a National Security officer.
  2. Dr. Ali Mohammed al-Shahedhi,(61 years old), director of the Morale Guidance at the Political Security Service
  3.  Hanan Mutahar Ahmed al-Shahedhi (a 35 years old woman), assistant of the entitlement section at the Political Security Service
  4. Altaf Yahiya Juman al-Matari (a 35 years old woman), assistant in the financial payroll department of at the Political Security Service
  5. Najeeb Sharaf al-Badani (44 years old) an engineer in the Ministry of Petroleum and Minerals
  6. Sameer Mused Saleh al-Amari (48 years old), the principal of Abdulrazaq al-Sana’ani school.
  7. Essam Mohammed Ali al-Faqih (43 years old), employee at Public Telecommunication Corporation
  8. Abdullah Abdullah Ali Maqrish (47 years old), soldier at the Criminal Investigation.
  9. Nabeel Haza’a Al-Ansi (47 years old), the official of the scool broadcasting program in the Ministry of Education
  10. Abdullah Ali Mohammed al-Khaiat (50 years old) employee at the Ministry of Education
  11. Abdullah Mohammed Mohammed al-Sawari (54 years old), deputy director of Accounts department in the Ministry of Finance

The center had assigned a team of lawyers to provide legal aid to a number of these detainees, but their relatives confirmed that they had received promises of pardon for them on the condition that the charges against them be acknowledged and repentance and remorse be declared.

The continuation of the trial process of detainees and abductees before a court that was previously canceled by the highest judicial authority in Yemen, the “Supreme Judicial Council,” is a violation of the constitution and the law of the Yemeni judicial authority, and a clear violation of international laws and norms. In addition to the fact that this trial lacks the minimum level of justice and the right to a remedy, It is carried out by judges appointed by the Houthi group and who issue harsh sentences, most of which are death sentences after summary and illegal court sessions that do not meet the minimum standards for the application of justice, as well as not allowing the convicts to defend themselves in the ways guaranteed to them by the constitution and the law.

(ACJ) calls on the UN envoy, all international organizations and bodies, and human rights activists to intensify pressure on the Houthi group to stop such rulings that come as a result of unfair trials, and to return from all judicial procedures that were based on confessions made under methods of coercion and torture. It also calls on them to work to provide the necessary protection for the convicted and to save them from these illegal provisions.

The Center affirms that the continuation of the arrest, trial and sentencing operations practiced by the Houthi group is nothing but a violation of the human right to life, freedom and safety, and that all those who participated in them are criminally and civilly responsible before the law.

American Center for Justice (ACJ)

August 28, 2021

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