American Center for Justice (ACJ) condemns the attack on a celebratory event in Socotra and calls for the protection of the right to peaceful assembly in Yemen

The American Center for Justice (ACJ) denounces the attack by forces affiliated with the local authorities in Socotra Governorate, on Thursday, on a celebratory event dedicated to the two national days, September 26 and October 14, and which organized by the National Campaign to Protect Sovereignty, Restore the State and Achieve Peace. The center also denounces the arrest a number of participants.

According to the statement issued by the campaign, these forces attacked the event held in Hadibo district, the capital of the governorate, and arrested a number of young people and activists and brutally assaulted them.

The statement indicated that these forces released many detainees, but they are still holding five others, namely Muhammad Abdullah bin Tari, Nawar Ahmed Shaaban, Sheikh Faisal Ali Al-Shawaqi, the media and activist Abdullah Salem Badhan, and Sheikh Saad Al-Farajhi.

The American Center for Justice (ACJ) considers these measures a dangerous approach to freedom of opinion and expression and a confiscation of the right to peaceful assembly and the right of citizens to express their convictions, demanding that it cease.

The Center is shocked that these unjustified measures come from parties that are supposed to protect citizens and empower them with their rights and it calls for the rapid and unconditional release of detainees.

The (ACJ) also calls on the Presidential Leadership Council and the government to seriously and responsibly consider such practices, issue firm directives to investigate their circumstances, and hold the perpetrators and instigators accountable.

The American Center for Justice stresses the need to protect the rights of all citizens to peaceful assembly, organize peaceful events, and express their opinions as guaranteed by local laws, the international human rights system, and treaties and charters to which the Yemeni government is bound.

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